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~Be Resilient Beautiful~

Resiliency, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness, is learned and developed during strenuous times. 
I believe my purpose is to help enhance the resiliency in women through Life Coaching and Strategically developing concepts necessary to live the life they desire. 
Challenges, struggles, and unfortunate events in life shape and position us to strengthen our faith and help us overcome. I will help you exercise this and begin to love yourself, properly, through honest conversation and strategic plans.

I'm so glad you're here!

Life is about understanding your purpose and using your gifts to serve the world the best way you know how, without fear. As women, we seem to get lost in our busy lives as mothers, wives, and professionals, which causes us to deviate from taking care of ourselves. Too oftern we allow the plans, imposed on us by others, to take precedence. It’s time for YOU!

Who are you? You are...

Meet Robin!

I am the wife of an amazing husband and the mom of 3 handsome young men. I am a Resilient Sista who kicked breast cancer’s butt and knocked a brain tumor out of the park! 
I am a Resilient Beauty!
I am an entrepreneur and author, who co-authored Focused and Aligned Anthology a powerful collaboration of 18 Women of God on how we went through valley experiences, which helped us discover our purpose, exercise our power, and walk by faith to live an abundant life. I am a Retired, Disabled, United States Army Veteran who spent 27 years serving this country and over 15 years leading and mentoring Soldiers to be resilient and enhance their professional and personal development.
I am a Sexual Assault Advocate who assists women with recovering the privacy that was taken away from them. I am also a champion for women who suffer from breast cancer helping them understand to live intentionally, remembering that their best day to make a difference is TODAY. 
As a Life Coach and Strategist, I help women find their path to healing from past experiences and find the beauty within themselves by effective collaboration during our one-on-one sessions and customized plans to search their inner being and recognize their worth.  I am dedicated to assisting women maximize their life’s potential and successfully achieve their desired goals. 

I am here to guide you to unapologetically create the life you thought you lost.

Find your “ME” time  & join my FREE 7-day plan: “Take Your Life Back, Girl!”  It’s full of simple daily actions to get your life back, understand your worth, and find your drive no matter how exhausted, swamped, or overwhelmed you currently feel.

How I Help

COACHING – From Living to Living with Intention 

Discovery Calls

Leap into Success

Are you ready to L.O.V.E yourself? 

The first step is scheduling a free, no-obligation discovery call, where we can acquaint ourselves with one another to determine the path we want to take to get the results you need. This 30-minute session will help confront the issue you’re facing. 

After the call you’ll have more confidence, clarity, and a list of actions, customized for you, to get you closer to your desired results  

1:1 Coaching

During this 12-week series, one-on-one coaching sessions will gain momentum toward making tangible changes one week at time. 

Has your commitment to your career and/or family put you and your dreams on hold?

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • “All I do is work!
  • “I never have time for myself.”
  • “I have goals but I don’t have time to pursue them.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed!”
  • “I am unhappy in my relationship.”

What you can expect: Re-Introducing Yourself to You

  1. Shift your mindset to listen to yourself so you can focus on your needs.
  2. Guide yourself toward what you really want and need for success and your ideal life.   


It’s all about LOVE.
Learn to how to Optimize your Visibility and Embrace who you truly are.